2X3 Transfer Matrix

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2X3 Transfer Matrix

Postby charbel » Mon Apr 21, 2014 2:40 pm

Is there anyway to design a CRONE controller using this toolbox for a 2X3 perturbed Transfer Matrix?
( I have already made some research and it says that i should use BRG (Block Relative Gain) , and i found nothing about this on the net).
I really appreciate any help.
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Re: 2X3 Transfer Matrix

Postby Patrick Lanusse » Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:49 am

Hi Charbel,

For the moment, the CRONE CSD toolbox is only able to design SISO controllers or decentralized MIMO controllers of square systems by using the multi-SISO CRONE approach.
An application of the full MIMO CRONE approach that you should use for your problem has been presented (for instance) in "A non-square MIMO fractional robust control for the airpath of a Diesel engine" presented for the ECC'13 conference. It is based on a diagonal nominal open loop transfer function whose the CRONE elements are optimized simultaneously. The inverse (or pseudo inverse) of the nominal plant is then used to obtain the decoupling controller. For a non-square plant, the controller will be non-square too.
Even if Matlab codes have been developped and are used for our developpements, they are not enough ready to be given today. A tutorial book is comming soon.

BRG is a block version of RGA that permits a block to block pairing and not only a one signal to one signal pairing. It has to be used for non-square systems.
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