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Clubs and associations

With nearly 80 clubs and associations, Bordeaux INP and its schools offer students a lively, dynamic campus community

  • AEI, ENSEIRB-MATMECA's junior company
  • ENSEIRB-MATMECA's Students Art Club
  • ENSEIRB-MATMECA's Students Bureau
  • ENSEGID's Students Bureau
  • Team ENSEGID - 4L Trophy
  • ENSTBB's Students Art Club
  • ENSTBB's Students Bureau
  • ENSCBP's Students Sports Club
  • ENSCBP's Students Bureau
  • ENSC's Cheerleaders

Bordeaux INP encourages students to get involved in the wide range of clubs and associations on campus, from the oenology club to the robotics association, or sports, artistic activities and junior enterprises. This is an integral part of an engineering education as it enables students to develop additional skills and abilities: project management, team spirit, ability to adapt etc

Community projects are at the heart of the engineer training and enables each and everyone to grow new skills : project management, team spirit, adaptability…