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Prestigious partners and a wide array of programmes to encourage international mobility

Bordeaux INP's commitment to international engagement is evidenced by its nearly 130 partnership agreements with prestigious higher education institutions on 5 continents.

Des partenaires prestigieux et de nombreux programmes pour favoriser la mobilité internationale

130 partnerships on 5 continents


University of California (USA) 
Laval University (Canada)
University College of London (United Kingdom)
Tohoku University (Japan)
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia)
University of Technology Sydney (Australia)
Québec University in Montréal (Canada)
Federal University of Rio Grande Del Sul (Brazil)
The University of the Basque Country (Spain)
Federal University of Parana (Brazil)
Technological University of Panama National Engineering School of Sousse (Tunisia)
National Engineering School of Sfax (Tunisia)
University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Stellenbosch University (South Africa)

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International Programmes

Erasmus +


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The ERASMUS+ programme promotes mobility in Europe and aims to facilitate cooperation between higher education institutions in Europe, through the development of networks and multilateral projects.

Bordeaux INP has signed the "Erasmus +" Charter issued by the European Commission for the 2014-2020 period. In doing so, the institute has confirmed its commitment to mobility as well as to European and international cooperation.


FITEC Programmes


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FITEC programmes are bilateral cooperation programmes between French and foreign higher education institutions offering high-level (Master's) engineering programmes.

There are currently 4 programmes:

  • BRAFITEC with Brazil
  • ARFITEC with Argentina
  • MEXFITEC with Mexico
  • CHILFITEC with Chile

Joussot Dubien Award


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The Joussot-Dubien Award provides foreign students with a one-year scholarship to enrol in programmes at ENSCBP-Bordeaux INP. The award is granted in collaboration with Airbus Defence and Space, the space industry leader. Contact



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Since January 2015, Bordeaux INP has participated in FoodLab, an Erasmus + Alliance de la Connaissance project led by the Vaucluse Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The project brings together 11 academic and industrial partners in 4 European countries.

FoodLab aims to:

  • Develop students' entrepreneurial mindset
  • Facilitate the transfer of innovation from the academic world to the agri-food industry
  • Help develop project-based learning

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