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Civic engagement

Future societal challenges

Bordeaux INP strives to affirm its scientific and technological expertise in future societal challenges, at the regional, national and international level, in accordance with the Nouvelle Aquitaine Regional Plan for Higher Education, Research and Innovation (SRESRI) and the strategy of intelligent regional specialisation strategy.
The goal is to develop the institute's ability to respond to businesses' needs for training, scientific and technological expertise and innovation, in order to support sustainable economic and social development at the regional and national level.

  • Management of geological resources: Circular economy of water
  • Bio-engineering of the future: Advanced and biobased materials/Synthetic biology
  • Digital transformation: Uses and hybridity/Communications systems/Simulation
  • Energy transition: eco-building/eco-friendly processes/bio-materials

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is a key concern for Bordeaux INP.

All Bordeaux INP users (students, staff, hosted companies etc.) are encouraged to act as environmentally-friendly citizens. The institute organises awareness-raising initiatives and programmes for this purpose.

Bordeaux INP is also a leading player in the region for training, research and technology transfer, especially for the themes of "Environment," "Management of Geological Resources," and "Sustainable Development," led by its schools.


Gender Equality


Although women represent 60% of the students in France today, they account for only 27% of engineering students, with significant disparities between programmes. Bordeaux INP is proud to be above the national average, with women representing 37% of its students. Women also account for 30% of Bordeaux INP faculty and 65% of its nearly 190 administrative, engineering, technical, social, health and library staff.

Bordeaux INP appointed a "Gender Equality" Officer in 2014. Her mission is to:

  • Implement the "Gender Equality" Charter signed by the Grandes Ecoles Conference
  • Organise initiatives or events to raise awareness about gender equality
  • Represent the institute and participate in working groups, meetings and events dedicated to this topic


Since 2013, Bordeaux INP has had a Disability Officer. This officer ensures the implementation of projects and studies designed to make disabled students more independent and provide them with better access to the skills they must acquire as part of their training.