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Students in specific situations

Following the proposal of a school director or upon student request, the Director General of Bordeaux INP may allow students to reorganise their studies, especially in the following cases: disabled students and high-level athletes or artists.

Etudiants statuts particuliers

Disabled students

Disabled students (whether permanently or temporarily), students with seriously debilitating diseases or with serious health problems may be permitted to reorganise their studies, examinations and/or receive support.

High and top-level athletes

Bordeaux INP gives high and top-level student athletes the opportunity to combine studies with intensive sports training so that they can achieve their dual objectives.


Florence Astien
Academic Coordinator
05 56 84 60 54


La maison départementale du handicap (local centre for disabled persons):
05 56 99 69 00
Student Health Centre: 05 56 04 06 06