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Useful information

Located in the heart of the Bordeaux campus, Bordeaux INP students benefit from a rich student life and a vibrant community.

Informations pratiques


It can sometimes be difficult for students to find flats. There are a number of solutions available, including CROUS accommodation, student residences etc. Know more

Cafeterias and Restaurants

On the Bordeaux campus, students have access to 6 university restaurants (RU) and 5 cafeterias that serve lunch and dinner.Know more


The Bordeaux campus is accessible by Bordeaux Métropole buses and tramsKnow more


Students have access to 60 libraries on the Bordeaux campus and may use their services (access to computers, study rooms, photocopier). Know more


It is essential for students to take care of their health. This is why it is compulsory to subscribe to student health insurance. The Student Health Centre (Espace Santé Etudiant), provides students with support for their heath needs. Know more

Aquipass card

All students on campus are given an Aquipass card which can be used as a form of payment with the Izly system. Students can use the card to access a number of CROUS services and facilities.