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Professional alumni networks

Alumni associations continue to grow at all Bordeaux INP schools.

Today they represent a community of 16,000 graduates.

Des réseaux de diplômés actifs


  • Foster professional relationships
  • Help members find career opportunities or refine and develop their career objectives
  • Maintain and develop relationships with the school through its faculty and students
  • Provide a place for alumni from all professional sectors to meet and discuss
  • Support the school's development and increase its influence in France and abroad

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Notable Alumni

Samuel Marre

Samuel Marre

ENSCBP – Bordeaux INP / Class of 2005

A researcher at ICMCB, Samuel Marre obtained the CNRS Bronze Medal in 2014. This award recognises a researcher's first work, making him a talented specialist in his field.

Laurent Oudot

ENSEIRB-MATMECA – Bordeaux INP / Class of 1998

Founder of TEHTRI-Security, a company specialised in advanced technologies for computer security. The innovative method developed by Laurent Oudot to protect information systems forms the basis of the eGambit software, which provides an alert when viruses or spyware attempt to penetrate the system.

Axel Johnson

Axel Johnson

ENSC – Bordeaux INP / Class of 2009

Co-founder of Akiani, an agency specialised in user experience (UX), human factors and neuroergonomics. Challenges magazine named Akiani one of the top 10 French Tech companies in Bordeaux.

Joris Pezzini

ENSTBB – Bordeaux INP / Class of 2006

As the Director of Strategy and Development for LFB, Joris was included in the Choiseul ranking. Each year, this list identifies 200 young French business leaders who will play a key role in the near future.


Maud Setera

ENSEGID – Bordeaux INP / Class of 2004

Founder and manager of Gesolia, Maud Setera built her career as a geologist and hydrogeologist at public and private organisations before starting her own company in 2014.