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Bordeaux INP's Major Projects

Bordeaux INP's 2016-2020 development strategy dovetails perfectly with the site policy, allowing the institute to contribute to shaping the landscape of higher education, research and innovation at the city, regional, national and international level.

Intégrité scientifique
  • "Investissements d’avenir" Programme

    Investissements d’avenir (Investing in the Future) is an investment programme launched by the French government in early 2010.

    Its various operations represent €47 billion, €22 billion of which is dedicated to higher education and research over a ten-year period. These investments must help foster the development of a dozen world-class centres of excellence for higher education and scientific research in France.

  • "Centres of Excellence" Programme

    The Excellence Initiative (IdEx Bordeaux), part of the Investissements d'Avenir (Investing in the Future) programme, makes it possible to pursue a long-term excellence policy, enhance interaction with the economic environment, and attract world-class teams. 

    Main goals :

    • International influence
    • High level of collaboration and integration, both amongst the various institutions and universities on the site, and with the research organisations involved
    • Strong territorial cohesion in order to contribute to the sustainable renewal of the regional, national and European economy



  • Campus Operation

    The institution is actively involved in the " Campus Operation" programme created by the French government to make the Bordeaux campus an attractive shop window and enhance the reputation and attractiveness of French higher education.

  • Aquitaine Terre d’Eau (Aquitaine Land of Water)

    Aquitaine is etymologically the "land of water," due to its ocean coastline, its many rivers, and, most importantly, the potential of its underground water (resources), which are unique in France. In light of the economic, political, social and environmental stakes involved, many research teams have joined forces to contribute to water management, which the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region considers a key challenge for our society.