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Eiffel Scolarship of Excellence

 The application period for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship for the 2024-2025 academic year is now closed! 

The next call for applications will reopen next year (starting October 2025) for the 2025-2026 academic year.

For more information about the France Excellence Eiffel Scholarship procedure, please consult the following link

Eiffel Excellence Grant

Bordeaux INP welcomes the call for application for the 2024 campaign are currently open until November 26, 2023. :

  • Aeronautical Maintenance & Industrial Performance
  • Biotechnology
  • Cognitive sciences
  • Electronics, Computer Science, Telecommunications, Mathematics & Mechanics
  • Physics, Chemistry & Food Sciences
  • Water Resources, Environmental Management & Geological Resources

Application are currently open until November 25, 2022


  • Early October 2023

The call for application for the 2024 campaign is launched.

  • Before November 26, 2023

Applications must be submitted using the following online form

The supporting documents to be attached and the cases of ineligibility are specified below.

[ATTENTION !] Candidates should submit only one application for a single French Higher Education establishment

Any candidate whose application is submitted by more than one establishment will automatically be disqualified and therefore not processed by the Campus France services.

  • Early December 2023

Applications for the France Excellence Eiffel Scholarship are examined by the Bordeaux INP International Committee, which will select the applications it wishes to submit to Campus France.

  • Before December 16, 2023

Selection notifications (at the Bordeaux INP level) are sent to the applicants. 

The chosen candidates move on to the final stage of the application process.

  • Before January 10, 2024

Bordeaux INP sends the selected applications to Campus France for examination by their services.

  • Early April 2024

Campus France informs Bordeaux INP whether or not the applications submitted have been selected for the France Excellence Eiffel Scholarship. 

Applicants are informed afterwards of the results.

Apply now

Required supporting documents


  • A resume written in french or in english with information about academic performances (2 pages)
  • All useful information regarding the degree (dates) and about grading, prizes... Such dates should be certfied by the university/professors
  • A description of the professional project in french or in english which may be substantiated by the advice of external experts from the industry (2 pages)
  • Copy of the document of education with the list of studied courses and academic records from your university (3 last years)
  • Copy of the last degree obtained
  • Copy of the national passport showing first name and last name, date of birth, number
  • For non French speakers, a copy of an official diploma in french (DELF, DALF or TCF)
  • The expected training programme and school

1 PDF file per document

Any application that is incomplete or submitted after November 26, 2023 will be rejected. 

  • Ineligibility Cases


    • Candidates born before March 1998
    • Bi-national candidates with french citizenship
    • Foreign students recipients of french government scholarships
    • Students who were not selected following an earlier application
    • Candidates who already benefited from an Eiffel grant
    • Only applications submitted by Bordeaux INP are admissible
    • Off-site training courses (relocated abroad)
    • Candidates put forward by several french universities 
    • Apprenticeship or professionalisation contracts
    • The Eiffel grant can not be combined with any other grant from the french government, Erasmus + or AUF.
    • No change in the programme fixed is allowed
    • Uncomplete applications