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8 Transfer units

supported by a Bordeaux INP joint research unit

Process engineering to optimise winemaking tools and respect for the environment

Amarante Process supports industrial partners in their research and development projects by commercialising scientific innovations developed through its support laboratory.

Themes : Oenological technology/ Separation processes/ Effluent characterisation and treatment/ Water re-use

 Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin
  (Institute of Vine and Wine Science)
210, Chemin de Leysotte

33882, Villenave d’Ornon Cedex

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Soutien technique dans la détermination moléculaire, l’identification et le dosage de composés chimiques pour le secteur industriel
Characterise, heat and test materials using microwaves

A2M (Microwaves and Material Workshop) provides businesses with scientific expertise and equipment to analyse interactions between materials and electromagnetic waves and develops industrial uses for microwaves.

Themes: Dielectric characterisation/Microwaves/Materials/Modelling/Electromagnetic/ Nondestructive testing/Microwave heating

 Site ENSCBP – Bordeaux INP
Bâtiment A
16 avenue Pey Berland
33607 Pessac

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LaBRI Transfert
Computer science expertise to support industries and businesses

LaBRI-Transfert, a simplified interface between businesses and researchers, provides industries with the laboratory's skills in the fields of digital technology.

Themes : Software Engineering/Cloud and Big Data/Healthcare/Music and Video/Imaging/ Aeronautics and Space Sector

Bâtiment 30
351, cours de la Libération
33405 Talence cedex     

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Expertise in wine microbiology

MICROFLORA® is an interface between the professional world and the world of research in the microbiology of grapes and wine. It provides all the players in the winegrowing/making industry with innovative tools based on scientific advances in microbiology research developed by the oenology research unit.

Themes : Analysis of microorganisms of grapes and wine/Identification at the species and strain level/ Phenotypic characterisation/Detecting spoilage microorganisms

 Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin (Institue of Vine and Wine Science)
210, Chemin de Leysotte
33882, Villenave d’Ornon Cedex

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Evaluate the impact of food on the brain

NutriBrain aims to highlight the impact of nutrition on "brain well-being": cerebral functions, development of mood disorders (anxiety, depression, fatigue etc.) and cognition.

Themes : Nutrition/Neurosciences/Cognition

 Laboratoire NutriNeurO
146 rue Léo Saignat
33076 Bordeaux cedex

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Phytochmie, Biotechnologies, Santé végétale
Molecular spectroscopy to support industry

SAFIRR provides businesses with scientific skills and technological resources in Raman and infrared vibrational spectroscopy.

Themes: Molecular dynamics, organisation and interactions in condensed phases, miniaturised devices, biological systems and nano-objects.

 Molecular Sciences Institute
Bâtiment A12
351, cours de la Libération

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