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Renowned guest professors

Every year Bordeaux INP invites foreign professors to the institute to share their experience. These professors from around the world stay for varying periods of time. They participate in teaching activities and are invited to work on research projects or give conferences and seminars.

Des professeurs invités reconnus

These professors from around the world (Belgium, Canada, Greece, USA, Tunisia, Singapore…) have contributed to research projects or taught courses at Bordeaux INP in recent years.

Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)
Reconfigurable analog circuits

Jennifer Hasler

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgique)
Sedimentary geology

Rudy Swennen

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA)
Geophysics and hydro-geophysics

Susan Hubbard

National Hellenic Research Fondation (Grèce)
Development of systems for the nanoencapsulation of active biomolecules

Aristotelis Xenakis

NTU Singapour (Singapour)
Development of inorganic flexible electronic devices

Qing Zhang

Université de Séville (Espagne)
Modélisation du comportement thermophysique de nouveaux matériaux à changement de phase
Université de Sherbrook (Canada)
Acoustique ultrasonore
Université Laval (Canada)

Jean-Michel Lemieux

University of Calgary (Canada)
Radio frequency technologies

Fadhel Ghannouchi

University of Connecticut (USA)
Geomicrobiology of carbonates, their precipitation and dissolution

Pieter Visscher

University of Florida (USA)
Characterisation and remediation of polluted sites and soil

Mike Annable



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